Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Vehicles Equipment Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. ( referred to as ZRJC in abbreviation), is one of three locomotive and vehicle air conditioning manufacturers designated the Ministry of Railways; is the only one in Guangdong Province recognized by the Ministry of Railways with qualification producing rail vehicle air-conditioning. The company was established in 1956, covers an area of fifty thousand square meters, has two wholly owned subsidiaries and one joint stock company, the total assets is more than 450 million yuan.

ZRJC is mainly engaged in air conditioning systems development, production, sales, maintenance and after-sales service for railway rolling stock, metro and light rail vehicles, currently has a professional, highly qualified technical team including a number of senior engineers and those with Doctor degrees, Master degrees and Bachelor degrees; with integrated design capability in train air conditioning, ventilation systems and control systems, first realized changes from single design of air conditioning units to the integration design for train air conditioning systems.

The company has product research and development center, testing center of air conditioning units and railway/metro air-conditioning manufacturing base. The company's R & D and manufacturing capacity is in the domestic advanced level. The main products are towards the technology goal of "sophisticated, mature, reliable", not only to serve the needs of China's rail transport, but to achieve export volume.

Facing the opportunities and challenges of rail transportation industry in the new times, ZRJC is trying to seek innovation and meet the development requirements of economic globalization, extending the allocation of resources, customer service and technical innovation to the world. With a more open mind and vision, in the win-win cooperation to speed up China's modernization of rail transportation equipment, with first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, to provide users with the most valuable products, and strive to create the industry pioneer with the most social responsibility.

  • Company Panorama

  • Company Scenery Park

  • Technology Center

  • Advanced Workshop


Tibetan Railway
Guanglzhou Metro Line 2
Chongqing Single Rail





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