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    China Railway (Beijing) Vehicles Equipment Co., Ltd

    Founded in January 25, 2008, the company type is limited liability company, referred to as CRVE. It is located in Beijing Zhongguancun, specializing in transportation equipment sales, leasing and brokerage, and product development. In trade, it is mainly engaged in sales, leasing and brokerage business for railway rolling stock, EMU, subway and light rail vehicles, vehicle parts, heavy machinery and equipment, road construction equipment in the domestic and foreign market, meanwhile doing import and agency business for large parts of the railway locomotive vehicles. In the aspect of independent-products, it is mainly engaged in the development and sales operations for railway rolling stock and rail vehicle air conditioning system. Website: http://www.sinorailway.net


    Zhejiang Liebherr Zhongche Transportation Systems Ltd

    Is a joint venture. Founded in 2006, is located in Zhuji, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. Chinese parent company is Guangzhou Zhongche Railway Vehicles Equipment Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. ( referred to as ZRJC in abbreviation). Foreign parent company is Liebherr-Transportation Systems Ltd (www.liebherr.com). The company mainly produces rail cars and locomotives heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. Its products are used in all rail cars in China and exported to Asian and African countries.


    Zhongche (HK) Investment Holdings Limited

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